A Ballad of The Wind
A Ballad of The Wind  stories

aeon343 Searching for the words to save my soul.
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Tried do something more lighthearted but ended up with a darker ending. Not sure about the title.

A Ballad of The Wind

Two lovers dance in a field a loud crescendo of  movement  and laughter. Suddenly the wind tosses petals into the sky floating to the ground almost as to copy the lovers delicate dance.

Abruptly they stoped, looking a each other a moment stuck in time as sunlight danced across her skin. A heavy downpour snaps the man back to the cold reality.

Come back to me he whispers, his voice drowned out by the clash of thunder and lightning. He looks at the field were flowers once bloomed. The very same field now rotted and decayed.

Tears streaming  down his face, he collapses to his knees laying his head against the cold stone, a shell of his former self.

He picks up the dagger seeing his soul in the lifeless steel screaming to the wind.

A shout full of anguish and despair followed by silence, the only thing to be heard is one final vow "im coming home my love"

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