Waiting for forever.......
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aenabanerjee passionate writer.....
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two persons who were never meant to be together......:")

Waiting for forever.......

Sitting under the moonlit sky years of suppressed feelings they shared[?]

To lose each other again,both of them feared

He was attracted to her by that aura of innocence mixed with the hint of banked fires,

And fr her it was an all consuming need to be his more than a transient surge of desire.His touch was radiating the weakness through her,so she stepped back in defense.

Being afraid of her, moving out from his side his grip stiffens.

So,now the silence lay comfortably between them [?]

For leaving one another since years,alone,their eyes were filled with shame.When his passion was spent ,she knew her love would starve.

But she didn't knew he would never dare to feel her again,scared of another scar left in his heart again carved:")

So with heavy hearts they decided to live separately,They cannot live without each other's presence they knew it undoubtedly.

Tho after years of waiting again they met,

But they were meant to stay apart by their fate:")Written by----Aena Banerjee(me)

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