Those unsaid words.. By:Aena Banerjee
Those unsaid words..

           By:Aena Banerjee feelings stories

aenabanerjee passionate writer.....
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always speak your heart out ,so that u never regret later on:)

Those unsaid words.. By:Aena Banerjee

Somethings are better left unsaid ,thats what we hear right

But if you really wanted that to happen ,dont you think it was worth a fight?

Does the waves ever return back ,before hitting the shore?

So without even knowing anything, how can you frame the conclusion from before?

Now you think its better,but surely you are gonna regret later

When fear creeps in of the next moment you did automatically lose

So giving up was an easy option and that was all you did choose

Strolling along the road does never a thought strike your mind?

An answer to those unsaid words of yours dont you ever wanna find?

Stop dwelling over your uncertainities, i know its not so easy to cope with it

But baby just try for once, and dont you ever dare to quit.....

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