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Dear Dad. Its been eighteen years since I seen you last.

Dear Dad.

Dear Dad.

Its been eighteen years since I seen you last.

Since I seen you smile or heard you laugh.

My best friend, for the short time we had.

My mentor, my hero, my Dad.

How have I been since you went away?

So many things, so much to say.

I met the woman of my dreams.

It didn't work out, that's life it seems.

We had a daughter a little red head.

Love at first sight, just like you said.

Her name is Abigail, she looks a lot like you.

Ill give her my best in everything I do.

I wish you were here to see her grow.

To give her the wisdom that you know.

Don't worry she has an amazing Grandpa.

She loves him dearly, she calls him Guh.

I've had some good times, and my share of bad.

Life's been one hell of a ride, without you Dad.

I miss our long talks, your unbiased advice.

Your never ending love, hard work, and sacrifice.

What I wouldn't give for just one more day.

To tell you everything I want to say.

I hope you would be proud of the man I've become.

All the hardships, and struggles I have overcome.

Now I will look forward, I'm sure I will be fine..

Trying to be a better man one day at a time.

I miss you always, ill never forget this day.

December 30th. When my Dad went away.

A. Emmi 12/30/18

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