Found my soulmate in a McDonald’s
Found my soulmate in a McDonald’s morning stories

aelysanne Romanticism handled with discipline
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Adapting to a situation means coming out of your comfort zone.

Found my soulmate in a McDonald’s

I've never been a fan of coffee. Sure, it smells nice, but the taste is comparable to dirt dissolved in water. You may ask yourself how do I know what that tastes like.

Well, when I was a kid I used to do many experiments. The little scientist in me wanted to know if things which looked like chocolate tasted like it too.

And I liked chocolate milk very much, so, naturally, I mixed dirt with a glass of water and, surprisingly, it tasted like dirt mixed with water.

That day I vowed not to drink anything similar to my concoction again.

As I grew up, I kept that promise. Until I started college and realized I can't survive on 5 hours of sleep per night.

So, I broke my childhood vow and began drinking coffee almost daily, and the funniest thing happened. No, I didn't develop a taste for it - it STILL tasted horrible to me.

But this time I wasn't giving up so easily. I needed coffee so I was determined to find a kind that would be okay-tasting to me.

So I searched and searched, and by that I mean I went to a bunch of cafes and tried a bunch of different coffees.

I was slowly starting to lose all hope, when one day a friend invited me to go and get her favorite coffee.

It was a Sunday sometime mid-July and we got off work at 3 p.m. It was scorching hot outside, so I was very excited when she mentioned we would be drinking ice-coffee.

She ordered for me and we took our coffees to-go. Finding a shady spot by the river, we sat down and I took my first sip. It was silky smooth, creamy and refreshing at the same time.

I had finally found my coffee!

I recreated the recipe at home and now I drink it almost daily.

Sometimes, as I sit on my balcony and drink my morning cup, I think of that little scientist and her vow and imagine her looking at me, disappointed by my beverage of choice.

But she grew up and learned to adapt, and to be a little less judgmental. I hope she would be proud of herself.

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