April showers, part 1
April showers, part 1 spring stories

aelysanne Romanticism handled with discipline
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Spring came and everything is waking up.

April showers, part 1

You can see the Alps from my balcony. It's the beginning of April and they're still feathered with white, just as the spring wind is still feathered with the icy bite of the remnants of winter.

This year it took a particularly long time to say goodbye, fighting tooth and frosty nail to hold on and postpone the inevitable arrival of spring.

Just as I was beginning to think another birthday would be spent wishing for the sun to appear, the clouds cleared and it shone down to thaw everything frozen below.

The days are getting longer again, and daydreaming about impossible scenarios seems inevitable. Getting lost in those is dangerous, but what else am I to do while drinking my morning coffee?

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