A Day of Parting
A Day of Parting bittersweet stories

adurnarose Community member
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Written from when I had to make my relationship long distance.

A Day of Parting

So beautiful and so painful.

The blue sky is unforgiving,

and my tears fall alone.

You are beautiful

and you are mine

as I am yours,

but time belongs to God

and I can't give you more.

My tears fall to the ground

making the earth turn to mud.

The sky is God's

and for you he made it sunny and blue,

I wish he would make it rain for me

to hide the mud on my feet.

You are beautiful and you are mine

I give you myself, my tears

and my muddy feet as parting gifts

wishing I could give you more time,

but time belongs to God

and the blue sky is unforgiving

as on this day of parting

we walk away with muddy feet.

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