Johannes Photon and the White Crystal Stone
Johannes Photon and the White Crystal Stone harry potter stories

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The Photons live in the jungles of Indonesia, they moved out from London due to an unknown reason in 1984. Mrs. Photon is carrying baby Photon. Yes, in her tummy. Turns out, there is something behind them moving out from London, there is something with her baby. What is that?

Johannes Photon and the White Crystal Stone

Chapter 1: The Photons (Part 1)

December 12th, 1992. It is a very peaceful night in the house. The Photons have been living in the jungles of Indonesia for several years now. They left London in 1984. Mrs.

Riley Photon is now 7 months pregnant, she struggles a lot calming baby Photon down every single time the baby kicks. "You are a very active child, little one." Said Mrs. Photon that night. Mr.

Photon is a carpenter, he crafts furniture out of wood and sell them to the city once in a month. There is only one city nearby, Bajo. Mr. Photon has left to sell his furniture a few days ago.

The clock shows that it's already 9 o'clock in the evening. Mrs. Photon got up from her armchair and quickly getting ready to sleep.

Morning has come, it is now 8 o'clock but the sun is yet to shine. Turns out, it rained heavily last night. Mrs.

Photon is now sitting back on her lovely armchair whilst drinking a cup of hot tea that she had just made. "The temperature is probably warmer inside, it seems to be very cold out there.

" Mumbled Mrs. Photon.

It is now afternoon, a very shiny and bright afternoon. Mrs. Photon has just finished cleaning the house, when there is a knock on the door. Mrs.

Photon opens the door, a tan-skinned man with a short black hair is standing right in front of the door. "You looked very tired, honey." Said Mrs.

Photon happily because her husband just got back home. The couple is now sitting in the living room. "Pancakes?" asked Mrs. Photon with an intention of offering pancakes to her husband.

"No, thanks. I met this one man on the way home, he was carrying lots of firewood so I helped him. He lives nearby anyway. He offered a meal after we arrived." Explained Mr. Photon.

He is now looking around, and quickly noticed something. "Did you clean up the house again? Didn't I tell you not to get too tired?" Asked Mr. Photon.

"Yes, but it was already a complete shipwreck, I had to." Replied Mrs. Photon.

One and a half hour has passed, they had their time talking in the living room about their child, their future, and of course, Mr. Photon's latest sales revenue.

"It's getting dark now, you should get yourself cleaned up, Mr. Hardworking Carpenter." Said Mrs. Photon followed by a chuckle.

It's now 6 PM in the evening, Mr. Photon had finished cleaning himself up, While Mrs. Photon is now preparing a very special dinner for his husband. "So what's for dinner, honey?" asked Mr.

Photon. "It's a ginger chicken stew apparently." Although they live in the woods, Mr. Photon always brings food materials when he gets back home.

They also have basic household appliances that Mr. Photon bought when they moved in. "Dinner's ready." Said Mrs. Photon calling her husband who's still tidying up his equipment.

The night has fallen, and they had already finished their dinner. Mr. Photon is getting ready to sleep, he had a tiring day walking to get home. Mrs.

Photon is now sitting back on none other than her favorite armchair feeding baby Photon. Suddenly, Mrs. Photon said something that is out of the blue. "I'm sorry, little one.

I'm sorry that you might not know the true you. I just, we need to get away from those things. We had to.

" What does this mean? Does this have something to do with them moving out from London? After she said that, she quickly prepared to sleep as well. The couple is now put in a very deep sleep.

The house is silent, but you can hear the wolves start to howl, the crickets start to buzz, and the owls start to hoot.

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