Two Strangers Traveled Love

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Two Strangers Traveled Love

Awoken ever so softly by lips adorn of the sweetest most arousing like honey...such grace played between two hearts ever enduring...though they vow never to fall their hearts land beautifully intertwined

A mirage of blissful moments serenade young hearts whom ignore the judge all heads must bow to...putting end to all memories nothing good lasts forever...a future warning of events to happen in due time

In the distance an orchestra plays joyful melodies echoing on during a night of constant embrace... bed springs creak and headboards bump...gloriously they dance to this magnificent musical score

The tango of two bodies rubbing together like campfire sticks, create good news delivered to a now young father...though not yet ready he best mature quick... a great disaster prepared is soon in store

Although efforts he made and much time he spent saving his trio...hard lessons became his downfall and costly decisions speed up the inevitable... from this he blames on misguided and foolish thought

Frantic moments now arise creating much distress upon fragile formed minds... hate suddenly surrounds them like a lion about to devour prey...trying to break free it's far too late they are already now caught

A rampage ensues they continue trying to escape... heart beats and sweat dripping a sorrowful symphony plays to their turning back now they woefully separate and onward they depart

Into broken pieces scattered amongst a faded future now past, the struggle of two locked in jaws of ruin tragically comes to an end...what is it left that remains?... there is only remnants of a strong bond now forever torn apart

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