"Caloric limitation"
"Caloric limitation" poetry stories
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A prompt in a poem about what if the government can control one thing of our lives, I chose what if the government decides how many calories a person would eat, another writing from my creative writing class.

"Caloric limitation"

Pick up the plate, strut the body you hate

The government wants you to eat 1000 calories a day

To decrease the U.S. obesity rates

Skinny is the new normality, no muscle of fat

Help us, my ribs show through my shirt

I can see my legs tinier through my skirt

Nutritional deficiencies rise up the charts

Plants, veggies, fruits fill up my shopping cart

The blood barely rises up to my heart

Fast food places burn down to the ground

A loudness of a riot fills up the silent sounds

The government excites when people lost pounds

Faces, faces, all faded faces

Save the last of your graces

People died of starvation

Fat is a discrimination

People are in need of a salvation

They pack their baggage and leave to a train station

To out of the U.S. here, they go

The bodies they were once afraid to show

Show off the hips that don't lie, countries appreciate the curves one gives outside

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