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Eira is going on a trip with all her friends.
But, her dream trip is ruined by a mysterious Mansion!
Will it change her life forever?

ʍʏֆȶɛʀʏ ʍǟռֆɨօռ

‘Bҽϝσɾҽ Wҽ Sƚαɾƚ’ In this part, I'll show you some points this book will have, so, you can play easily.

• This story/book/game will be kinda like ‘Among us’. Which means there will be almost 3-5 traitors. • In each chapter, there will be a clue to find the traitor, like harrasment talking, strange acting...etc. after you finished reading the chapter, in the comments, tell who you think is the traitor. So, in the next chapter, the person who gets the most vote is believed to be the traitor.

• If you got the person who is the traitor right, he/she will try to kill the second person who got the most votes, but, he/she will end up death him/her- self. That's how you'll know if you got it right.

• if you got the person who's not the traitor than that inocent person will be killed, making the traitors to worry less. • The traitors will do there best to sound inocent so that he/she won't get caught. • That's all! Hope you enjoy this little thing!

To be Countinued......

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