Losing you, my treasure
Losing  you, my treasure dream-reality stories

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It looks like yesterday, You were always my confidant

Losing you, my treasure

It looks like yesterday,

You were always my confidant

They said those who find a friend

Had found a treasure

I thought our friendship

Was as strong as a concrete wall

It got stronger thru the years.

One day as regular as another day

But full of concerns...

I had a dream

A dream never imagen will come true

In my dream, I saw you standing there

So far from me

I ran towards you

and you disappeared

Without words

I start crying

couldn't understand my tears

It felt so real.

As I describe my worse nightmare

] We both laugh about it

Are you crazy? You replied

I will always be there.

A year past by ...

On the day never thought

Will come

Walking the same path

Together side by side

Our eyes saw him

At the same time

Months went by

And I confess you

My heart beating

For him

You said it is not fair

I saw him first

We part and promise

Destiny to decide

Who will be the one?

As I loved you

I respect our promise

But the biggest surprise

Is that you didn't

You confess to him

Your feelings

It felt like an earthquake

Breaking up our wall

That made our friendship

The strongest

I hoped it was worth it.

Now you said he is gone

So it was my trust

It hurts so much

To lost my treasure

But it was you

Who made the decision,

It feels like today is the day

My dream became true

You standing there

No disappearing from my eyes

But in my heart, you are gone.

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