Is it LOVE?
Is it LOVE? love stories

adrianagonzalez Community member
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love is born
without notice

Is it LOVE?

No matter how much I think about you. My thoughts fly So high that I fear falling soon.

And not knowing what to do, And now you come to me Without any warning. Some sign indicating What I'm feeling for you.

What is this, that shakes me? What do You wake up in me? IT Is something deep And I can't escape

You open the door and the pain It's present Because it hurts to miss you What do I do? It is confusion in me. IS IT, LOVE?

You get a little closer And my heart doesn't stop It is a disease I tremble is not normal for me

You are someone unusual Causes in me, Lost feelings I thought I was unable to feel them It's something beautiful and special. It Is LOVE Without limits grow.

Love that can endure Difficulties and tears Love that can last forever  are you my true love? Is it a dream? Or is it that I love you?

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