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Learning about love taught me God loves is like no other.


As human beings have we loved?

To what we called love?

So we called to love only when it belongs to us?

Do we give value to love?

Someone once told me

love is sacrificed

quickly came to mind

love is painful,

it is not easy to see the other

happy while my heart is bleeding.

So then I meet you,

and my inside darkness became clear

you healed my wounds and gave my life a meaning

your light shines so bright

help me put my past behind.

With you, I learned that every day is a gift

live as if today is the last That is called happiness,

if problems stun me

Although my eyes do not see you,

I know that you are here with me.

Hoping for a better tomorrow

I have no doubt, the storm brings me even closer to you.

Yesterday, I asked myself Why me? Today, I ask What is the purpose?

I am grateful for loving me first, thank you, for every moment of my life,

Thank you, for being a great father. I love you, God ❤️❤️❤️

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