ღI Was In Love With A Boy..ღ
ღI Was In Love With A Boy..ღ love stories

adrian_paul It's your average kid on the block.
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A Boy can't love another boy... Let's call him Oriole...

ღI Was In Love With A Boy..ღ

♡My Lonely Oriole..

He was in only 2 of my classes

I sat in the back of class

He sat In the front

Whenever my eyes flicked upward

He always had his hand raised before any other

A boy whose been molded beautifully by the sculptor

Sometimes I couldn't help but stare into the abyss of his ocean sky eyes

shades of green that were held to seek

A lovers gaze my heart to keep

My handsome Oriole..

You may never truly know me

But we by pass from time to time in the hallway

We locked our gaze but only once

Twas only for a mere second

And only was it a glance

I will hold that moment dear

But a boy who falls helplessly In love

With another Boy just won't adhere

So I will continue my silent fall into the pool of yourself

My beloved Oriole

You will be missed.♡


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