A glimpse upon the stars
A glimpse upon the stars stories

adrian_mhar Community member
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an original piece of mine, hope ya'll like it

A glimpse upon the stars

A beautiful scenery under the glittering stars in the night sky.

I pondered from behind glancing people in the amusement park,

the place is covered with joy as the colorful lights of the park sparks along the smiles of the jubilant-hearted people in the place... amusing indeed.

As I observed around the vivacious place from a bench afar, I felt a presence.

A presence of something that enrages my heart with passion and affection.

and I tried to find where it came from,

and tried, and tried.

Just when I saw you.

My heart pounded dramatically which made me stood up from the bench I was sitting. Strands of question filled my mind...

"Will I approach her??"

"No, maybe I should uhmm.."

I felt nervous as I focused on those angelic face of yours and felt uneasy on what to do.

Well I just really wanted to be with you,

to enjoy the night with you,

to soar above the rides telling you how beautiful you are as those stars above,

embracing you as the chills of the night cripples through your skin.

But no, not me I guess...

I saw a man, maybe he likes you too. He kissed you on the forehead as you embraced him.

Maybe you like him too, I guess.

I sat back from the bench and watched as both of you ascend in the steps of a ride, gently soaring above the night sky.

Maybe he told you how beautiful you are as those stars in the sky,

maybe he embraced you as the cold air latches through your skin,

and maybe, just maybe, he told you something I couldn't tell,

something I should have told you before.

And again, I observed you from the bench I was sitting,

I then captured a glimpse of the stars in the night sky as beautiful as you are, realizing...

just like the stars above..

...your love, my Love. I would never reach.

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