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Cadets. (Levi X Reader) levi stories

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Part one of Levi X Reader
Where both Levi and The Reader are cadets.

Source: this is my own writing.

Cadets. (Levi X Reader)

At dinner, Hanji has asked y/n if she would sit with her and Levi, but she only politely declined.

Levi had made it clear earlier that day he did not want to be her friend, she felt as if she should respect his decision and steer clear of him.

She sat with her other friends, Watson, Amber and Freddie, they talked about how their day went, it was also brought up how the expedition was only four days away.

They felt a mixture of excitement and fear for the trip, it was uncertain of what would happen. That was both good and bad.

The mystery of what awaited them, the day of the expedition made them all impatient.

Would it be a victory for the human race, or just another failed attempt to take back what was once theirs?

The thought of the unknown made the whole mood among the friends turn into a kind of dark one. Wanting to lighten up the mood, y/n quickly tried to think of a bright side to it.

"At least we will be having a kind of 'relaxing day' when we come back, right?"

"Only because we'll be counting off who's dead and trying to figure out how to tell their families the news." Freddie, sulked.

He sunk in his chair and pushed away his food, not feeling hungry anymore.

"What happens if one of us-?" Amber cut herself off mid sentence, looking around at her friends. They caught on to her idea. . .not knowing what to say they all got quite. Until Watson spoke up.

"Guys! We shouldn't focus on that right now.

All we have at the moment is the present, why waste it, dreading the future that can't be changed?" Watson wrapped an arm around y/n who was siting next to him.

Y/n laughed. "Yeah, we should be enjoying this time with each other!" She wrapped her arm around him as well, giving him a half hug.

"Alright, then how about a toast?" Amber suggested, grabbing her cup. "To 'us here in the moment!'"

Y/n smiled happily, grabbing her cup, the two boys followed. They hit the edges of their cups together, all repeating in unison.

"To us here in the moment!" They laughed, taking a drink from the water in the cups. After their toast, the began to share multiple memories of the very well missed trainee days.

Since they hadn't known each other back then, it was fun for them to hear their friend's old embarrassing stories.

From the opposite side of the room, from the same table as earlier that day, Levi was watching y/n and her friends laugh continuously.

He snickered at them, looking away when he saw Watson tickling y/n's side making her burst into a fit of laughter.

"What's wrong shorty?" Hanji looked over to where he tore his eyes away from. She saw what he was previously looking at. Now, Watson was teasing y/n about being ticklish.

Hanji hummed in amusement.

Levi only began to turn his body away from her. He knew that her 'humm' meant no good. She usually did that when she was ready to jump into conclusions about something.

He was proven right when she began to speak.

"Is short stuff missing the company of pretty y/n?" Hanji smiled wiggling an eyebrow at him. "You know I invited her to join us this evening, but she turned us down!"

"How come?" Levi already knew the answer had to do with how he treated her poorly, after she confessed in wanting to be his friend.

"Did you scare her off?" Levi didn't bother telling Hanji what happened.

Hanji shrugged her shoulders, "I'm sure she just wanted to sit with her little group this time."

"Umh." Levi took at sip from his tea. "Why did you even invite her in the first place? I hardly like having you here to begin with."

"Awe Levi, you sometimes hurt my feelings!" Hanji banged her head on the table twice, then slowly looked back up to Levi. "Take It back, Levi! Tell me you don't mean it!"

"I wonder how Moblit can put up with you for so long. He must really like you, for some reason."

Hanji shot her head up. "What?!" She hid her face with her hands to conceal the blush rising to her cheeks. "Why would you say that shorty?!"

"You two are always at each other at training. What's stopping the dry humping here?" Levi kept a straight face taking a sip of his tea, while teasing her further.

In all honesty Levi did like having Hanji around, occasionally. When he had first lost Isabel and Farlan, Hanji had started to talk to him, comforting him as well.

They were put in the same Squad, which further helped their friendship grow, or as Levi preferred to call it, 'mutual respected comrades, in which one often bothers the other.

' Hanji didn't mind that he wouldn't actually call them friends out loud, she knew Levi well enough to know that he did genuinely like having her around, sometimes.

"There has never been any of that at training! And it will never happen out here in the Mess Hall!" Hanji exclaimed with her hands moving around in crazy motions.

"Filthy." Levi commented, ignoring her cries of innocence.

"Levi! I swear I'm not!" Hanji pleaded at him in a whinny voice.

Y/n's attention was departed from a story Amber was telling, to Levi and Hanji. Levi was pushing her head away, by forcing a hand on her forehead. Hanji repeatedly tried to get near him.

He only ignored her sipping from his tea with his free hand. This made y/n smile at them.


Back in her room y/n cleaned Levi's shirt and hung it over the sink to dry off. She remembered Levi emphasizing 'correctly', when he told her to wash it, which she didn't quite understand.

Nonetheless, she cleaned it back to back two times with detergent and then once with her strawberry soap. She didn't want him to think she did a half assed job, at washing his shirt.

Y/n felt bad enough of having spilled her drink on him at lunch, she was only trying to do something nice for him. And it ended very terribly. . .

she had tried to give Levi a drink during lunch, since he was out training. She tripped on her own feet and spilled the hot drink on him, he was not at a rage but he was very displeased.

She later confessed that she only wanted to do something nice for him, because she wanted to be his friend. And he walked away from her.

She took that as a definite no. Y/n was disappointed, she really wanted to get to know him, she had also felt as if he needed a good friend.

But it didn't help her gloomy mood when Levi came up to her before dinner, handing her his dirty shirt, saying she better clean it 'correctly.'

Y/n sighed at the memory, shaking her head. She changed into her usual sleeping clothes which consisted of her oversized brown shirt, that went to her mid thigh and just her pair of underwear.

Y/n was startled to hear a knock come from her door, having to get up from her comfy stop in her bed, she groaned out loudly. Y/n opened her door, she was shocked to see Levi.

"Levi? What are you doing here?" Her hands found the end of her shirt, trying to pull them down to cover her exposed thighs.

"Are you going to invite me in?" Levi watched her begin to feel uncomfortable in her attire.

"Why would I?-"

"Because it's the polite thing to do."

Levi pushed his hand on the door, giving him room to walk in. 'Why would you ask me to let you in, if you were just going to barge in anyway?' Y/n rolled her eyes at him.

"I'd never thought I'd be given lessons on manners by the rudest cadet there is." Y/n closed her door, after he was fully inside.

Y/n wasn't feeling her usual happy, open, self. Levi turning her down, made her want to act just as cold to him, like he was to her. 'Giving him a taste of his own medicine.'

"Someone's in a pissy mood." Levi sat himself on her bed.

'I wonder why!' Y/n squinted her eyes at him. She crossed her arms over her chest, and stood farthest away from him. "What do you want?"

"Where's my shirt?"


He nodded looking around her room. "I presume you cleaned it to it's finest."

"Why don't you check?" Y/n opened the door of the restroom, letting it fly open.

Levi got up and went to check how much of a shit job she did. Many people never cleaned to his standards, it wouldn't be much of a surprise to him if she hadn't either.

He grabbed the shirt that hung over the sink, instantly catching the scent of. . .strawberries?

'She wants me to smell like a damn girl?' Levi clicked his tongue. "Tch."

"What's wrong?" Y/n walked next to him. It would've disappointed her extremely if Levi didn't appreciate her washing his shirt three times, to make it extra clean.

'It smells like her. . . .it isn't that bad.' Levi placed the shirt back on its hanger. He met her eyes. "Strawberries?"

"You don't like it?" Y/n no longer held up a tough act, it was painfully obvious that she was upset that he hadn't appreciated her 'efforts' to make his shirt extra clean.

She looked down at the floor, turning around to go sit on her bed. She placed her hands in her lap, and avoided eye contact with Levi.

"You sat with your friends at dinner." Levi walked back into her room, closing the door of the restroom. He leaned against the wall opposite from her bed.

"Yeah, I did."

"Usually when someone wants something they don't give up so easily. Your lack of persistence is shitty."

"Is there a point to this, Levi?" Y/n ran a hand through her hair, she was already tired, and Levi's complicated personality was only making her head hurt.

"Yes. I like black tea. It helps me sleep at night." Levi pushed his body off the wall. He walked over to her door, ready to leave. "I wouldn't mind, if you care to have some with me."


Part one :)

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