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I lost my true love....I think I'm dying. But I'm not losing up my hope.

Unspoken Words

Dear Edward,

When the darkness surrounded all around and sorrowness obsessed my destiny, you came into my life and gave me a new one. We had dreams, dreams of our future, dreams of our beautiful days.

We wanted to create history of true love. Our race, caste, country, religion, language everything were different. But I used to believe we were the same soul in two different bodies.

I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you.

But now it's not possible anymore. Everything changed. You left me and I know it's all my faults, everything happened for my mistakes. I couldn't become a good lover.

But honest, I loved you with all of my heart and I still love you.

I know you're not fine too. It's our Phycology. Because when I cry how can you feel good?

When you had covid-19, I didn't know anything, but I felt something bad happen to you. But later I know you were also crazy for me. You thought you were going to lose me. But I didn't lose hope.

Your song "Unchained Melody" inspired me. I've just listened to these words day after day:

"I'll be coming home, Wait for me.... Wait for me"

When you didn't find me, you searched for me on too many websites. How can I forget that? Your brain wasn't working, you were going to die.

But you were worried for me more than yourself! I cried when you told me you cried for me.

I didn't tell you when you were in the hospital I prayed for you. Baby! I cried for you.

You didn't believe the lies people told about me. You were my only hope.

You told, you love me and care deeply. But you asked me to do not write you, because you won't respond.

Is these your true love sign for me?

But I believe, something miracle will happen in my life. And I also believe you will come back.

I could not live without you! Forgive me for all of my mistakes, stubbornness. I'm not giving up my hope. I love you very much! I love you, my ED. And whatever happen, I will love you forever.

- Your Rafia

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