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My Best Friends!

Hey, writers and friends here! What's up? I hope everything is great!

Everyone say, my writings are very emotional! But in real life I'm quiet but funny person. Haha. I'm friendly too! I've friends from all over the world.

Today, I'm going to tell you some of my best friends:)

Annika. (From Norway; Of German descent)

Amana; From France.

Tong Lin; My Chinese pen friend. (I don't have any photo of him:)

Sara; From Poland.

Manon; 11, From France:)

Zheng Yaocan: My Chinese Friend.

Jiang; My Chinese Friend:)

Vladan, From UK. He helps me to increase my listening skill:)

Adrian; My American Friend, 14 years old:)

Téophane; My penfriend of France(14)

Jim Emmers, my great friend, But I lost him, His account has deleted:(

Hubert; Amazing young writer from Poland.

Lastly I'm telling about my best to the best friend; my bestie, (His name is secret). He is Indian but lives in UAE and he is a millionaire. I have a crush at him, haha.

And there are more good friends! I love you all and wish you the best. Be happy all the time:)

Goodbye everyone!!! See you soon<3 xoxoxo

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