Hell is better than Heaven!
Hell is better than Heaven! hell stories

adorable_writer Dreams are adorable. Always dream big<3
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If you think differently, suffering will make you feel happy.

Hell is better than Heaven!

by adorable_writer (Hell!!!Just wait...I am coming.....)

I was crying...... Feminism, Obstacles, religion - these words are intimately connected with me.

I am a Feminist. Yes! I'm only 13. Yes, I'm a Muslim. But I'm still a feminist.

I was crying because I was watching a video on YouTube. And they told, if I'm a feminist, I can't go to the heaven. Only I can go there if I'm not defendant.

I never cry for no reason. Think of my uncertain afterlife and my destiny. It's probably silly, but that video hurt me.

Suddenly, my lover says, "Why are you crying??????You will go to hell for being with me anyway." "What?" -"I'm not Muslim. They will send you to hell for that."

I never think that way. Really... Oh!!!Edward!You stopped my crying!!! You took away my frustration. This is my ED. My fearless hero.

"Then I'm willing to go to hell with you:))"

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