Happy Birthday Diego!🎀
Happy Birthday Diego!🎀 birthday stories

adorable_writer Dreams are adorable. Always dream big<3
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About my best friend Diego; a birthday wishes to him.

Happy Birthday Diego!🎀

Diego. It was an important name in my life, One of the most important person in my life. He was the first person who loved me too much by his heart.

He was the only person in the world who think about me every moment, even in the night, in his dream.

He was my best penfriend, my best friend, my soulmate and my everything!!!

Do you know, Diego? I thought of you every time. I didn't got a friend like you. My mind is same as like your mind. I didn't want to loose you. Never.

You were the one for whom I have redefined myself. I felt myself like a happy person. I thought when I have a good friend, I rarely need anything else in life.

Your inspirations inspired me anew, dreaming of moving forward. Why do you think, you are stupid, jealous and restless? I couldn't think of you like these.

Our religion, caste, country, race, time,languages are all different. But our mind is the same. We are 18,071.23 km away, yet we are very close mentally. I don't know if I'll ever go to Chile.

I don't know if we'll ever meet.

yet I want to spend a night with you in an open field. Want to observe the stars in the sky. discuss about the space with you, want to be shocked to see the borealis of Aurora.

And I want to make friends with the stars in the sky.

If you want, I want to hang out with you all night and look at the sky.

Do you want to go to Everest with me? Or on an Amazon adventure? Or just hold my hand as a friend? Then I will be the happiest person in the world.

Finally finishing. I don't know if my dream will come true. If not, there is no harm. Not everyone's dream comes true. Oh, yeah! Happy birthday to you.

I hoped our friendship will never break , even if we die!

Best wishes for you!!!!

-Your Rafiacita.

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