The Tale of Tides
The Tale of  Tides #tossyourcoinofortune stories

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A multilingual tale of hope and tides. Hope you will like it !

The Tale of Tides

For Carllion Twins' contest. A multilingual tale I came up with. Hope you will like it !

As thy walked on the scalding sands of despair which burn'd thy feet with pain

Those lofty coconut trees of criticism laughed at thy and mock'd thee on each step

Thy eyes kindled with fire of courage, t'was a pity sight which hath melt my heart

I washed thee feet and caressed thy burn'd skin with my soothing touch of love

La torche que tu tenais vacillait de peur ( The torch which you held flickered with fear)

Maree dit - Rappelez un saint a un passe mysterieux et un pecheur a un avenir sombre ( The tide said - Remember a holy saint has a mysterious past and a sinner has a dark future)

Espoir dit- J'avais lu un poeme qui disait que l'espoir est une chose avec des plumes qui se perchent dans l'ame et chantent la melodie sans les mots et jamais s'arrete a toutes ( I had read poem which said hope is a thing with feathers which perches in the soul and sings the tune without the words and never stops at all)

Tide sayeth- The poem spoken of is not true for all humans, thy should prayeth to the pale sky of periwinkle for thy security.

Hope sayeth- Life is a riddle of choices. I encourage them to choose, but I don't give them the correct choice.

Both the oldest of all like Sibylla and the new born baby hope to attain salvation throughout the journey. Without hope no human lives.

Tide says - False happiness and false sense of security leads to the downfall of success as said by the two headed Janus

Hope says - In today's world to see is to believe. I provide comfort to miseries making them believe that all will be good at the end.

If man makes the right decision he would achieve his goal and if he takes the wrong decision he would suffer. I initiate the first step of life

Maree dit - Je prie Nazarithe dans le ciel pale de la pervenche de vous guider vers le destin que la chance decide de votre destin ( I pray to Nazarithe in the pale sky of periwinkle to guide you to destiny as luck decides your fate )

Espoir dit - La chance se reconcilie avec le destin, chaque homme a un role a jouer pour moi un invisible. ( Luck reconciles with fate, every man has a part to play for me an invisible one)

Chaque homme est un ange sans ailes de son genre parce qu' il est defini par ses actes. (Every man is a wingless angel of his kind because man is defined by his deeds)

From that day the tide narrates this tale of his meeting with hope. Generations passed but this story still has its essence in every era even today.

Thanks for reading ! Do like or give your feedback ...

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