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adityasen1 I am 14
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I worked quiet hard on this story. I hope this brings tears to your eyes. Do read it till the end.

The Stargazer

A young woman named Dia has recently shifted to Delhi to establish her business . She is a renowned astrologer. Apparently she is looking for someone to spend the rest of her life with.

After multiple talks with her mother- Sunanda, she was persuaded to marry someone. She lived in a small apartment surrounded by lofty skyscrapers.

She often got asphyxiated by the dust and smoke emitted by the automobiles. She was a typical small town girl who could not adjust with these modern amenities.

She had rented a small building for her business to flourish right beside a skyscraper of a globally recognized company - Astrec. The company did not approve her stay.

So she managed somehow to negotiate the deal and was successful to do so on one term, if she owed some of her profit to the company.

The following day she was to meet a negotiator of the company who would sign off the deal though it was a huge risk and violation of human rights.

That day she met Ajay who was a young lad working as an intern for the company. Ajay was fair and attractive.

Dia looked at him with two awed eyes but she recalled that the society did not approve the marriage of the fair with the dark skinned.

Dia had a sharp complexion but the color of her face was chocolate brown. She was often criticized by her colleagues and boss in her workplace earlier.

Hence she left the company though having high qualifications, she pursued this career as a passion.

After the deal was signed off, Ajay insisted Dia to read his palms and predict his future as a test to see whether she was familiar with the concept.

Dia explained that she was different from other astrologers; she gazed at constellations and predicted the client's future. He promised to pay a visit in the evening.

It was a strenuous day for Dia. As soon as she was about to leave for her house, she met Ajay. She was a little anxious but could not say no to the young man .

They climbed up to the terrace greeting the beautiful sky illuminated by many stars. She set her telescope and asked Ajay about his zodiac sign. He said that it was Gemini.

Looking at the stars from her telescope she arrived at a conclusion that Ajay would meet his soulmate during this week but, it was to come for a price.

This phrase was not easy for Ajay to decipher. The night passed by of them chuckling at jokes and gazing at the stars. Dia shared a small anecdote about a superstition.

Her grandmother used to say that when loved ones pass away they become stars shining brightly in the sky.

They always stayed by ; whenever one was in need he would make a wish under the idyllic sky. The stars would fulfill their wishes bringing in luck to their lives.

Ajay made a promise to be Dia's best friend. In a week they went for outings and shared the same interest. In time they knew each other's likes and dislikes and grew very fond of each other.

Ajay's father disapproved of their relationship because the society imposed restrictions on the marriage of dark-skinned people with fair-skinned people.

Ajay protested but was disapproved by his father who discouraged him to take this step. Having no option, Ajay gave into his father's demands and left Dia.

When Dia heard this news tears flushed from her eyes, she trembled with betrayal. Dia grew arrogant and drove her car at high speed on the road.

On the other hand Ajay felt guilty and crestfallen. On noticing his despondency Ajay's mother sat by him providing him some consolation and reminding him the saying- 'Love is not biased'.

Ajay had a little hope left and called Dia. 'Ring, ring' rang Dia's phone. She knew he called for a reason and picked it up. Suddenly an enormous bulldozer came up to her car.

Dia did not notice its presence and met with an accident. After repetitive calls Ajay grew concerned and contacted the police.

After a few hours the police informed that she was hit by a bulldozer. Apparently she was talking while driving and did not see the bulldozer coming. Ajay rushed to visit her at the hospital.

Doctors said that the chances of her living were very low. On meeting her, Ajay's heart bled with pain and he sat down kissing her hand.

Dia looked at him weakly and said, "Nothing lasts forever until you put your commitment in it". Ajay looked at her sorrowfully and asked for forgiveness.

Before she could answer she was seized by a seizure and passed away. Ajay was completely shattered. The following night he went to the terrace and looked at the stars.

One of them gleamed with beauty. He sat cross-legged and wished for her presence.

As the leaves rustled a beautiful flower fell on his palms reminding him that she was still there with him as a star.

Thank you !

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