The Lights of Wish
The Lights of Wish wish stories

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A short story about a small wish made in difficult times.

The Lights of Wish

The winds blew with atrocity and knocked on the weary tent. The land was covered with thick snow . The sky was painted with tints of white.

The tent was colored in orange and could be easily noticeable in the light landscape. It had been a month since Ryan and Jack had arrived in Antarctica.

They had been sent here to study upon the Aurora lights. Unfortunately during the journey their boat had hit a thick iceberg resulting in its submergence.

These two companions somehow managed to reach the coast walking in the ice water. They trembled with cold and their legs had gone sore.

They put on a small tent and arranged it with whatever necessities they could gather during the catastrophe. With a heavy heart they buried their colleagues' corpses.

In the tent there was a candle lamp, canned food and two sleeping bags. Their hunger was replenished for a few days after their stalk was exhausted.

They starved for a week and their physique had grown skinny. Ryan was reading a book to kill time. He got this book as a present from his wife on his 30th birthday.

It was about an old folklore which talked about wish lights.

According to an Alaskan mythology, when one sits under the sky lightened up by the Aurora lights any one of their wishes would come true.

The day was coming near and both of them had suffered a lot. A couple of days ago they were encountered by a polar bear which attacked Jack .

They had no ointments to treat the wound and were hopeless.

The next night, Ryan woke up and kept an eye on Jack who was deep asleep. Ryan got up and wore a sweater which would provide him some insulation.

On opening the door a cold breeze passed through his hair. He struggled to scramble through the snow. The tall coniferous trees stood still looking at him.

He could hear the reindeers gallop past the trees. The sky was an amalgamation of the paints of an artist harmoniously blended.

At a distance he could see the beautiful Aurora lights gleaming in the sky as if it were a reflection in a river quivering.

He sat down and joined his hands looking at the vast heaven with two despondent eyes. He murmured something under his lips. His countenance grew pale. White smoke arose from his mouth.

The wind whispered in his ears as he returned to the camp. The next morning the companions were woken up by a cry. Ryan walked out of the tent and strolled towards the shore.

His eyes lit up with joy seeing a vessel drift in the sea. His wish had come true.

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