The Death of All the Stars
The Death of All the Stars poetry stories

adityasen1 I am 14
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A poem I wrote. Hope you will like it !

The Death of All the Stars

Taking birth among the heavens of sweet blissful dreams and imagination

With wings of glass fluttering in the world of beautiful stars

The mind brimming with curiosity as the giggles fill the heart

Sheltered by the hands of our lovely mother and protected by the concrete hearts of our father

Appearances often trick us they laugh during the times of difficulty when their hearts bleed

Just to keep us merry on a meaningless quarrel, once the pearl is revealed to the mocking world

They paint our faces with colors of anger and disgust laying hands over our charm till they blacken it

Hope trembles and leaps from the heart till the imagination and sweet nostalgia drowns into the dark abyss

Our mind withers like a flower with no water to seep as we become independent

Death attracts us like a diamond as life gifts us with new opportunities

We cover our eyes with impossibility withdrawing from the limelight of joy

Trust is lost within ourselves as we lose to our conscience

The day we die in every moment is the day when the world loses a star

As the pillars of judgement fall guilt runs like a river through every heart

Criticism poisoned our very heart when we had a chance ignore them and move on

A star is lost every day under our notice bring an end to all pressure and break the cuffs off society

The night engulfs the world with problems shot at like arrows trust yourself and conjure the shield of self love

Thank you for reading !

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