The Colossal Catastrophe
The Colossal Catastrophe science stories

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A great destruction is about the hit the world. One geologist and his colleague try to figure out a way through this environmental devastation. Read about people's lives during this catastrophe. A continual series...

The Colossal Catastrophe

Part 1 - The prognostication

Chapter 1 - Johnathon

It was winter in New York City. A thick fog had covered the whole city as a blanket. The streets were covered with snow. The wind blew past the trees which shed their leaves.

Children were exhilarated to play in the snow and create snowmen. People went ice skating on the nearby lake which was frozen.

I climbed down the stairs and noticed a letter slipped under the door with the New York Times. I picked them up and kept them on the table.

My throat was quenched with thirst and my eyes were weary. I strolled to the kitchen and made myself some hot coffee. It refreshed my mood and I sighed with relief.

I imagined the nutbrown armchair waiting with impatience for me to sit on.

Most of the days Dr. Raymond used to sit on it. He considered it as his favorite chair and was acrimonious to anyone who touched it. He was at his desk studying geology.

He was an old man, who wore spectacles. His head was covered with hair as white as snow. He was fond of the subject of geology since his childhood. He was a prominent author all over the world.

On reaching his desk I was astounded to see all his books and documents scattered all over his table. His eyes were still looking at the hypothesis of his prolonged research.

A drop of sweat trickled down his head and his lips pursed vaguely. His cheeks were dry and his hands shook with terror. I strolled towards him and offered him some coffee.

He stood staring at the paper as a mannequin and did not respond. My brain was brimming with awful thoughts. I shook him and asked him whether he was alright.

His eyes widened seeing me and his cheeks returned to crimson orange.

He said, "Johnathon, when did you arrive here ?" I replied that I had been standing beside him for three minutes and that he did not notice my presence.

He said, " I am extremely sorry Johnathon for my carelessness. I am perturbed with the result of my research.

Did you receive any letter addressed to me ?" I recalled the blue letter which had been mailed. I instantly went down and grabbed the letter with haste.

I somehow scrambled upstairs and handed him the letter.

Chapter 2 - Dr. Raymond

Oh no! How could this happen ? I wondered and asked myself repetitively. Before me was a torn out lined paper which was scribbled with dirty handwriting of mine.

I did not occasionally receive any training writing words in English so, my handwriting was not as legible as Johnathon's.

He continuously criticized my writing which made me feel vexed but he was the one who helped me publish my copies and decrease the generation gap between me and my fellow students.

Today a sudden tremor seized me after I received the hypothesis of my experimentation.

I was a geologist and I constantly condemned the carelessness of humans who exploited the natural resources of earth and led to many global issues including global warming.

I knew that a day would come when mother nature would take vengeance on her own creations who dominated all her land for misusage.

My experiment has confirmed that in September three major incidents would take place all over the world which would lead to the ultimate destruction of earth. There was no solution to fix this.

I tried to find a way through this environmental devastation but I couldn't accomplish my task.

I had written this to the President and asked him for his approval for a meeting discussing this colossal catastrophe.

I have been listening to this very common statement since childhood - 'There is a solution to every problem'.

At the same time, this statement did not bear any value across the world according to my experiment.

I commanded Johnathon to send me the letter to my room. On opening it and reading it aloud I realized that it was affirmative.

I was invited to the White House on Thursday at 9 o' clock in the morning. The following day I packed my suitcase with a bunch of clothes and my important documents. Jonathan was coming too.

We were provided with all the amenities a man needs. I was exhilarated as well as disconcerted.

Chapter 3 - Jonathan

I was ordered to visit Dr. Raymond's room. I arrived at his room seeing him pulling out his maroon suitcase from his wardrobe. He said, "I want you to pack your clothes and books.

We have been invited to the White House for an important discussion". I questioned him about the reason for going to the White House.

He replied that all my doubts will be cleared in a good time. We woke up at 5 o'clock in the morning.

We ate a scrumptious breakfast including scrambled eggs and a few pancakes bathed in maple syrup. Waiting outside our mansion was a black Porsche.

We entered the car and the driver drove us to the airport.

We had reserved our seats on American Airlines. We were offered some beverages during our journey. We reached Washington at 7 o'clock and were picked up by a Mercedes-Benz.

We were dropped at our hotel which was bursting at the seams with famous personalities all over the world. On entering the stupendous hotel our eyes met with opulent furniture.

At 8: 45 am we were lifted by a cab and sent to the White House. Reaching our destination I was awestruck seeing the magnificent building gleaming with the sun rays flashing over it.

There was a fountain right before it surrounded with shrubs cut lavishly. We were greeted cordially and requested to set foot inside the building.

The walls were decorated with many photo frames and wallpapers. The interior could be compared to heaven.

We waited patiently in front of a big corridor for the president to call upon us.

Once we were given the permission to do so we entered the room where the professor was to discuss his prolonged research.

We sat on the black armchairs around the wooden table arched in a semicircle.

The professor removed his documents and laid them on the table, inspecting the order in which he was to arrange them chronologically.

Chapter 4 - Dr. Raymond

I took out my research paper and kept it on the table. Jonathan gave me a perplexed glance and the president stared at me with impatience.

I realized that both the gentlemen were impatient for me to discuss my hypothesis. I commenced by greeting the president and stating the facts in my hypothesis.

I said that there will be three catastrophes all over the world.

The first holocaust would occur in the Pacific ocean and will affect China, Japan, Indonesia, Russia, North America, South America, North Korea, South Korea and Thailand.

A hurricane will be formed in the Pacific Ocean leading to floods and extensive devastation. There will be continuous storms and lightning will strike the ground and vanquish all buildings.

The second disaster will occur in Africa, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey, Germany and France. The soil present in these countries will degrade and retrograde.

The third calamity will occur in the Indo-Australian plate where there will be a heat wave due to ozone depletion.

I presented a map in front of them which they could refer to. Both the president and Johnathon looked at the map.

Jonathan asked me what would happen to the rest of the countries which do not come under the category.

I replied that those countries will submerge as the tectonic plates will move and rearrange themselves. The president asked me whether there was any solution. I looked at him melancholically.

He said, " If I discuss the evacuation in the General Assembly, people will ask me where would they stay after the evacuation".

I replied by saying that there was only one place to stay and it is the Bermuda Triangle. The president's eyes widened, his lips parted and his cheeks turned peach.

He thanked us for informing him about the annihilation.

When we left the White House, Jonathan asked me if all the tectonic plates will rearrange themselves then why does the Bermuda Triangle stay unaffected.

I replied that the Bermuda Triangle will not change its direction as there will be a slight change between the North American and Caribbean plate.

Jonathan wanted to ask more questions but I warned him not to do so. I was already tired and wanted to gain some rest by sleeping in our luxurious hotel room.

Suddenly, I was woken up by Johnathon who incessantly called my name. On lifting up from my bed I noticed the television switched on.

It was the President addressing everyone of the great peril we were about to fall on.

Part 2 - The Great Peril

Anchorage 6th September, Alaska

Chapter 1 - Emma

We have been provided with a bunker by the Environmental Disaster Management. The word has spread all over Alaska about the cyclone which is going to approach the Alaskan Bay.

Due to a decrease in temperature the cyclone will be converted into a blizzard. There will be a hail storm all over Alaska.

I had already packed my suitcase containing some books and my toys from which I could kill time in the bunker. My mom called upon me to help her with the utensils.

My father was very worried about the house. When I was a toddler my father had built this house for my fifth birthday. It was made up of wood carved into majestic animals.

My father was a carpenter and was immersed in his work. He carved his knowledge into art and often taught me ways to build at ease.

I always had an interest in carpentry though my mother frequently told me that women could never be carpenters.

We lived in the countryside. It was peaceful over there. I could hear birds chirping, wind howling and leaves rustling. There was a lake nearby where I went ice skating.

It was frozen for most of the year. We never met people. During Christmas I used to build snowmen and play in the frothy snow around our house. I was fond of botany.

I used to wander around the dense forests exploring the marvels of nature. Writing in my notebook about all the samples I collected each day.

Yesterday, when my father was returning back to home he met with the mayor. He greeted him cordially and was shocked to hear about the .......


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