The Colossal Catastrophe
The Colossal Catastrophe science stories

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The continual series of the Colossal Catastrophe. Please do read it. Will be continued on -‘The colossal catastrophe - final’ .

The Colossal Catastrophe

Continuation ...

Yesterday, when my father was returning back home he met with the mayor. He greeted him cordially and was shocked to hear about the cyclone approaching.

We never had a television, so we got to hear all the news via our neighbors or people we met on the streets. A gust of wind approached, shaking the coniferous trees which stood staring at us.

Some pine cones dropped on the snow.

I couldn't collect pine cones during my expedition because they were far out of my reach. I collected them quickly and put them in my bag.

I saw my father looking at the building with awe and distress. I was picked up by my mother, who carried me down the bunker. It was a huge room full of necessities. It had concrete walls.

My bed was kept at last. The room was lit up by a few incandescent lights .

Our beds were kept separately, there was a small temporary kitchen where all the utensils were kept in an order according to their size with a few bags of ration.

At the corner of the bunker was a couple of buckets of water.

Chapter 2 - Daniella

The destruction of the world was incredulous. It had been years since scientists predicted that there would be annihilation of human species.

But till date their prognostications have been proven wrong. I do not believe in this scientist - Dr.Raymond. Many said that he was a renowned geologist all over the world.

I felt commiserate for Arthur who looked at his house with two melancholic eyes. He knew that he had to move on. We had abandoned many houses due to shifting jobs.

We had settled in Anchorage for two years. I put my hand around his neck and gave him a warm hug. A big smile covered his face hiding his disconcert.

He helped me enter the bunker and jumped down, closing the door. It was pitch dark but we lit some incandescent lights. I brought a small rose plant which I admired.

It was a gift given by Arthur on Valentine's day.

Arthur was always fond of carpentry and carved out beautiful sculptures for me. We used to wander in dense forests and set up tents. I was very adventurous in those days.

We used to visit Native Heritage centre to explore Alaska culture, ride bicycles on the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail, dive into Chugach State Park and go skiing at Ski Girdwood.

After we had Emma we stopped visiting places as we had a new mouth to feed, Arthur had to leave at dawn and come back by noon and I was given the responsibility to take care of Emma,

the house and cook food. Emma wants to be a carpenter just like her father but I have denied her to do so.

When I was a young girl I wanted to become a teacher as I loved to read books and teach my younger brother subjects he found difficult to cope up with.

My mother was very acrimonious to me as she wanted to portray her values through her daughter in front of neighbours, Arthur, friends and family.

But, Arthur never discouraged me from learning. He bought me books every month to read. That is why I married Arthur. He had a golden heart and was trustworthy.

He helped me to move through difficult times of my life. I put the rose pot on the wooden table and covered Emma with a blanket. There was no source of heat in the bunker.

It was very cold and a gust of wind entered the bunker with some ice falling on the floor.

Arthur picked up a torch and flashed it over the concrete walls and saw a small hole in the wooden door.Instantaneously he asked me to get him a plank of wood and some nails with a hammer.

I searched the room but couldn't find any and I panicked with fear.

Chapter 3 - Emma

I got up from the bed and scrambled towards the carpentry kit. I opened the lid and lifted up the required material and handed it to my father. His hand struggled to reach the door.

I told him to carry me over his shoulders. With his strong arms I reached his shoulders where I sat and carried the wooden plank.

I took it over my head and pressed it against the hole with a lot of force from my tiny hands which were barely visible.

I took the nails one by one and hammered them on the sides completely sealing the door. On coming down from my father's shoulder he kissed me on my forehead.

My mother's eyes glittered with humility and grabbed me with her huge hands and snuggled me. I knew she was proud of me.

All her notions about girls were totally crushed today by seeing me manifest my talent.

The door rattled and some rocks tumbled as the cyclone was approaching Anchorage. My mother covered us with a blanket and held us tightly around her arms.

The howling of the wind, the creaking of trees, the smiting of hail and the crumbling of our house could be heard. One of the trees fell over and the wind stopped.

We looked at each other with bewildered glances and my father broke open the wooden door and climbed up with the help of a rope.

We all were picked up from the bunker when I saw the sky painted in white. One of the trees fell over our house and broke it.

On walking down the streets and incessantly calling out people we were taken aghast by seeing our surroundings. Cars had sunk beneath the snow.

Windows of houses aligned across the street were frozen. Beggars on the street were frozen to death. Their whole corpse was covered with a thin layer of frost.

Our feet sunk beneath three foot ice. We struggled to walk in the dense layer of snow. The temperature was very low, which resulted in steam evolving from our mouth.

I rubbed my hands in order to gain heat. No number of woolen sweaters could rescue us from the cold.

A flash of lightning hit the snowy peak of Mountain Flat Top, leading to the breaking of a piece of ice.

It smoothly traveled down from the hilltop with some company including dead trees and soil. An avalanche was to hit us.

Dubai 9th September, Saudi Arabia

Chapter 1 - Abbad

Half of the world has been devastated. Saudi Arabia was declared the next country for soil degradation and retrogression .

I had already been provided with the tickets to the expedition and was asked to be present at Florida. I was a prominent businessman all over the world selling oil.

I had thirty seven oil factories under my control. Today I was to shut them all. Many of our workers protested against this initiative. During this catastrophe I was to do nothing.

I had already informed Fatima about this. We were to leave at ten o'clock. It was just nine o'clock. We had already packed our suitcases and sold the house at a very reasonable price.

I commanded my driver to take me to the oil factory. On reaching there I was taken aback to notice the soil broken into pieces and scattered around.

I ran towards the oil factory with a sense of fear. All of the workers of the factory were gathered at one place with their eyes scrutinizing the ground with bewilderment.

I asked them what had happened.

Their hands trembled and their voices quivered as they spoke. They replied that one of the oil mines had collapsed killing many people. Somehow they managed to escape from the scene.

I put my hands across my face with shock. Sweat trickled down my forehead and I ordered them to leave for their homes. I took out a sign board and hung it down by the handle.

It read out 'FACTORY CLOSED' in red letters. I skedaddled towards my car but a tremor seized the ground as I saw in front of me the factory submerge in soil and diminish into fragments .

I was transfixed for a moment when I got up in the car. The driver drove as quickly as he could. Behind me the whole land subsided with my workers screaming for help. We had reached the city.

There was a commotion in the street with people pushing each other. I struggled to move among the people. Fatima was waiting with impatience. Tears ran down her cheeks.

I grabbed her and made our way through the crowd.

Chapter 2 - Fatima

I was woken up from my power nap by the huge clamor of our neighbors.

On opening my door I was perplexed to find the street bursting at seams with many people who looked at the stupendous Burj Khalifa.

I climbed down the stairs and to my consternation I saw the sublime edifice extricate into granules. I covered my mouth with my hands. Tears flushed out and I froze with horror.

Abbad came just in time and took me with him. We packed our suitcases and the driver drove us to the airport.

I saw through the window buildings dissipate, the soil disintegrate and the trees die. It was a bumpy road. A clamor of voices could be heard of people who screamed with panic and despondency.

The diminution of the city crushed my hopes to live. The only thing I could do was to pray for deliverance.

On reaching the airport we scrambled towards the entrance on showing our tickets and passport we were permitted to leave. We hurried towards our private jet.

Our luggage was secured safely. We sat down in our seats. We had hired a pilot a couple of days ago named Ahmed. He was present at the airport and aided us to access the jet.

We proceeded towards the runway when I observed an airbus dissolve in the ground which corroded. The engines of the propellers started spinning with speed. It passed over the runway.

Suddenly, clear cracks could be observed on the road. One of our wheels struck the crack and a huge hole was created in the road which held our plane with atrocity. We were in a pickle.

Our surroundings were eradicated and we were pulled in. The soil dissolved the plane voraciously as we looked at the sky with impotence. A squall uttered from my mouth as we went in.

I stretched my hand to reach the door but it was too late to take any action.

Part 3 - The blessing

Chapter 1 - Jonathan

We were to arrive in Florida. This hapless catastrophe has caused worldwide desolation. People are in grief to have lost their loved ones.

They are guilty of having participated in the cause of this holocaust and facing the acute consequences of their own doing.

The President had provided us with tickets for the Bermuda triangle expedition. They were two tickets for the


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