The Colossal Catastrophe - Final
The Colossal Catastrophe -  Final mystery stories

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The last part of 'The Colossal Catastrophe' . Hope you will like it. Will be continued soon as - 'The Bermuda Mystery'. Please give your feedback in the comment's section.

The Colossal Catastrophe - Final


They were two tickets for the Florida International ship. We had packed our bags and were ready to set foot on our journey. Dr. Raymond's countenance manifested discombobulation.

His pupils were agitated, his cheeks were pale, his lips pursed vaguely and sweat bathed his head. The current circumstances had totally manipulated his behavior.

I put my hand on his shoulder and he gave a weak smile at me. I asked him what had happened. He replied that it was his tension whether or not we would reach the designated area.

I conciliated him. A Mercedes- Benz was waiting outside for us to hop in. We climbed down the stairs and checked out of the magnificent hotel.

We put our luggage inside the car and the driver drove us to the airport. It was windy and snow fell over the ground and covered the streets. Roofs were embedded with snow.

The sky was coloured with tints of white and blue.

Trees had shed their leaves. It had been a week since the cyclonic storm had hit the gulf of Alaska. It was gradually pacing towards us.

It did not leave a trace of any human or architecture; the whole land was abandoned . It diminished each and every building which obstructed its part. It grew day by day.

All the birds, animals and insects had left these lands months ago.

They say that animals, birds and insects have powerful senses which perceive any destruction coming onto their land from which they migrate from. Nothing stands against time, not even humans.

The end of the human era was confirmed. It has always been said that nature has everything for our needs but not our greed. We had reached the airport and proceeded towards our aircraft.

During the flight we were hit by turbulence.

We reached Florida at eleven o'clock. We were picked by a black Porsche and dropped at Port Key West. There was a commotion in the port. It was brimming with people.

A huge ship stood still across the port. Dr. Raymond showed his card to the security and immediately a path was created for us to get on board. We met with the President at the passage.

We greeted him cordially. He smiled at us and ordered one of his men to carry our luggage and guide us to our room. We were assigned with a grand room which was full of sumptuous paraphernalia.

There was a big wooden table for us to study on, two large and comfortable beds, one splendid bathroom and a chandelier. There was another room designated for research. I sat near the window.

Seeing the people beseech my heart felt commiserate. So, I requested the President to let some people in but he rejected the fact that they were innocent.

I somehow managed to persuade him and he allowed a few dozen people to enter who thanked him heartfully. While the others had a misfortune, at least some could be saved.

The engine of the ship started whirling slowly. I met the captain at the control room who delivered some bad news. There was a tide approaching us.

The waves hit the walls of the ship with force which bore the name - 'Florida International'. We started leaving the port and headed to our destination.

Though, Dr. Raymond looked quite distressed about the expedition.

Chapter 2 - Dr Raymond

A hint of fear was in my heart. Deep within I knew that she could be there. I clutched my hands and prayed. Till that time Johnathon had crept in the room informing me about the tides.

He gave me a bewildered glance and asked me repetitively whether I was okay. I gave him a pacific look which he considered as a symbol of my good health.

I wanted to bask in the sun and scrutinize the vast sea. I left for the deck. On reaching there I saw at a distance some clouds whirling. I knew a storm was about to hit us.

Would we be able to make it? I wondered. The sky was coloured in shades of blue. Seagulls quacked while flying over the sea. The waves grew violent resulting in some turbulence.

I could hear the commuting rumbling of thunder which gleamed across the sky. The wind howled warning us about the impending danger. I grabbed my binoculars and scrambled to the control room.

I saw a billow of clouds swirl. A tremor seized the ocean causing a huge wave to hit the front deck and wash it. We were gradually approaching the storm.

Jonathan came into the control room with an astonished look.

I told him that the tectonic plates are shifting. The sky was changing its direction because the plates were moving at a very slow pace. The incessant crumbling of cities could be heard.

On the map shown in the computer, attached to the ship about the worldwide devastations portrayed that the cyclonic storm had engulfed Colorado. We entered into the storm.

Loud squalls of wind approached the ship. High tides arose from the sea and hit the window of the control room. Our surroundings were painted with tints of Aegean blue.

It started raining heavily as if someone was pelting stones. It created a pool of water on the deck. We oscillated in the sea. The clouds settled in the horizon as we moved.

The wind howled and splashes of water could be heard.

Finally the storm abated and we reached a spot where mist had crept in. A wall of fog had hid the path leading to our destination.

It was a great risk as we did not know if we would be lost in the thick mist. A spark of hope kindled in my eye and I gave an affirmative sign to the captain who proceeded towards the mist.

Chapter 3 - Jonathan

I was exhilarated as well as horrified about the outcome of Dr. Raymond's labor. So far his prognostication was substantiated.

With my binoculars I saw a structure erected in the middle of the dense fog . It looked as if it was carved out of stone.

When we passed across it I saw a sculpture of a man pointing forwards with his stone finger. We followed his direction and met with another sculpture of a woman who pointed towards the left.

After the discovery of these stone statues our heads were brimming with emotions of exuberance.

We kept drifting and the water around was tranquil and the wind stopped blowing. A small island could be seen.

The ship stood still and we saw the frontal part of the island which was covered with sand. We walked with anticipation. Our surroundings were covered with lush green.

We could see tall trees bearing fruits and vegetables. There was a beautiful stream nearby. I could hear the chirping of birds and insects, the rustling of leaves and the chattering of monkeys.

The atmosphere was pacific. As we moved on I could hear someone singing in the most melodious tune.

Dr. Raymond looked all over the place when he noticed a woman sitting by the banks of the river.

She had hair as red as rose which fell across her shoulder decorated with little seashells and flowers. She wore a beautiful gown which dated back to history.

She wore a pendant which hung down her neck. Dr. Raymond's eyes widened and his cheeks blushed when he said, "Cara is it you ?


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