Resurrection of Imagination
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adityasen1 I am 14
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As the birth of imagination takes place in the hues of sensation.....You will not regret reading this poem ! My best poem till now !

Resurrection of Imagination

As the birth of imagination takes place in the hues of sensation

Inhaling deep breaths and dreaming through the art of meditation

Colors wash the mind as emotions bloom under the aurora of sight

All the bad memories and thoughts are drained to eliminate spite

Painting the walls of sky and swimming beside the soft pink clouds

Somewhere serene and peaceful where there are no doubts

Once on the peak of the mountain of success while sometimes living those cheerful moments

Drifting apart and embracing your subconscious mind, lost in your daydreaming and sinking in your hallucination

Flowing with poetry across the valleys of literature in complete isolation

Your mind a universe of imagination as the emotions orbit the sun of mindfulness

Where you are free from restraints, free from judgement where prevails rightfulness

The revival of vision, talking with gesticulations, a connection of two minds and a feeling of bittersweet joy.

A place where your childhood resides, which makes you live every moment of life, imagination is your pair of invisible wings it defines your inner-self which none can destroy

Resurrection of imagination is the liberation of soul from the body,

Resurrection of imagination is the creation of all dreams,

Resurrection of imagination is reconciliation with fate of being who you truly are and will be

Hope you liked it ! Thanks for reading ! -@adityasen1

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