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It has been raining over here since weeks and hence I came up with the idea to write a poem on rain. Hope you will like it.


Pluviophile - (noun) a lover of rain.

The sky was a splotch of grey and blue

The clouds soared high to pour down

The leaves rustled greeting the monsoon shower

The earth was quenched with thirst to get a drop of water

The landscape was dry and colorless

Waiting for the rain to paint them with lush green

The rain clattered on the windows

Inviting me to accompany them

I grabbed my boots, raincoat and scramble down the stairs

Splashing my yellow boots in the muddy waters

The rain kissed my lips and trickled down my face

A pleasant breeze passed through my hair

The chirping of birds and croaking of frogs were a sweet melody

I smelled fresh petrichor perfuming the air

The rain washed the dusty buildings

Dyeing the panorama opalescent

I folded small paper boats and kept it on the puddles

Watching it swirl in it's little ocean of imagination

It was a delight to drink a cup of steaming chamomile

I could hear the dripping of rainwater from the lofty roofs

I twirled under the idyllic sky

With my hand stretched embracing the rainbow

'What a beauty it was to be a part of this phenomenon !'

Said this young pluviophile with a sigh ,

Thank you for reading . A special thanks to aakashtiwari and other readers who always encourage me.

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