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A heartbreaking story. Read till the end. Hope this brings tears to your eyes.

Papa I will miss you

The war had begun in the peaceful valleys of Narang. Troops marched past the steep slopes with guns while heavy loaded tanks ran across the thick ice tracks.

As a cold gust of wind passed by in the lifeless void where the stamping of feet echoed throughout the coniferous forests. Dry barks stood still creating an inexplicable illusion.

The calling of the owls alerted them as ice crackled beneath their boots. Suddenly firing started out of those barks ambushing them. The colonel fired in all directions but was injured at last.

His vision got hazy as the enemy encroached their territory. The next moment he found himself tied with a video camera placed beside his chair . He looked around wondering where he was.

Instantaneously two armed men entered standing in front of him asking to leak some private information. The video tape started recording his conversation.

The colonel was obstinate and was not willing to answer any question.

As the pale light was flashed on his eyes like a band the next minute his face was bruised and covered with blood and on his forehead a gun was placed.

'Boom' a gun shot echoed miles and miles away with birds flying with surprise

A few days ago Mihir a colonel in the army was posted to Narang valley. He was one of the best officers in the Indian army. Rohan - his son studied in grade 3 of a renowned government school.

He lived with his mother- Kashi and grandmother -Nirmala. His grandmother often told him bedtime stories relatable in the present time.

Every year in the month of February he bid goodbye to his dad who would return during the month of December. Rohan's life was tough without his father he used to be despondent.

His granny looked after his studies and curricular activities. Kashi was engrossed in her thoughts about her husband's return.

She took up all the household chores and went to the bank to look at their accounts. She had a lot of burden on her shoulders.

Each fortnight Rohan met his dad via video call he talked about his school while Nirmala and Kashi used to speak about his return and news of the war base.

That day the news of the first attack was delivered Kashi was shaken to her very core and granny was alarmed that Rohan might lose his father. Granny narrated an important anecdote to Rohan.

She said every man and woman on earth have a fixed time to live. Men had a deal with God the number of good deeds they committed the faster they would come under his protection.

Angels from distant land will take that man to the land of prosperity. Rohan was curious and asked what would happen to his family.

Granny said with a perplexed face that his family should be happy as he would be under the coverage of God. Rohan was satisfied to hear this answer and slept peacefully.

Kashi prayed to God and held religious ceremonies.

The day had come when Mihir was posted to Narang valley. He embraced the wide green outskirts. The enemy bases were interspersed yet camouflaged in harmony with its surroundings.

After two strenuous days of pondering over their location Mihir had devised a plan. The following night the army marched in the dense forest with their night vision goggles.

The huts were lit up dimly but could be recognised easily by drones. With their modern equipment they launched three missiles on the consecutive enemy bases ultimately destroying them.

It was a good news but after they were commanded to patrol and fired at, Kashi grew anxious and broke apart crying at late nights seeing the picture of their wedding.

Nirmala gave her some consolation and Rohan some hope.

Rohan's teachers asked him to write a letter to his father. Rohan came back home and rushed to his desk writing a sweet letter to his father.

Using sketch pens, colour pencils, paints and sequins he made a beautiful letter. The telephone rang as Kashi scrambled downstairs to pick up the call.

It was the officer he said that Mihir was a gallant soldier and colonel but he died in the Chinese base. Tears ran down Kashi's cheek, she held her hand across her lips.

Rohan stood beside her wondering what had happened. The following day a big wooden casket was delivered to their house with a few of Mihir's colleuges and soldiers saluting his body.

Granny hugged the casket. Kashi told Rohan to bring his letter and read it out in front of dad.

Rohan, confused of what was happening came up to the casket, and read out loudly - " Papa, I will miss you".

Thanks for reading till the end !

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