Mellifluous july poetry contest stories

adityasen1 I am 14
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This is for the July Poetry Contest. Took some while to come up with this. Hope you will like this !


Mellifluous- (noun) a sound that is sweet and smooth, pleasing to hear.

In the harsh winters,

I can hear the howling of wind against the windows

I can listen to the snow fall around me

I can hear the patting of the hooves of the reindeer

I can listen to the bells jingle during Christmas

In the warm summers,

I can hear the grasshoppers chirping

I can listen to the singing of the birds

I can hear the dragonflies flap their wings

I can listen to the waves hit the beach

In the cold monsoons,

I can hear the leaves rustle

I can listen to the rain fall on the grounds

I can hear the cars splashing their wheels in the muddy waters

I can listen to the voices of children playing in the rain

In the dry autumns,

I can hear the birds retreat to their homes

I can hear the leaves twirl in the dry winds

These sounds are the harmony of all emotion

They are mellifluous to my ears

Thank you !

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