Masking lies
Masking lies  poetry stories

adityasen1 I am 14
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CoMixed from @alostwriter: we meet again/
CoMixed poem. You will not regret reading this at all. Sad reality of world.

Masking lies

I look into the mirror

Seeing someone else smile

They make me see things which aren’t true

Everybody has lost trust in me because of you

Who are you ?

Looking from the other side and laughing at me

I hide my scars and wounded wings from the harsh world

Masking them with a smile to avoid controversy

I keep reminding myself that they are lies fabricated on my face

Not wanting to embrace the darkness and mingle with my addictions lingering in those corridors of depression

When the world sees me laughing I cry inside, wiping those tears and standing strong against their sharp tongues

Running away from my true self as I am ashamed of listening the bitter truth multiple times

I am a broken dream weeping under the coverage of wingless angels healing my inner wounds and giving me a new definition

I fade with colourful memories as the ceiling of imagination melts into nostalgia

The sun shines with timidness under the grey facade of storming emotions raining on the silver lining of my mind

Asking the moon for advice which shines in darkest of times but it’s too late to forget the past which burns my present into the ashes of future

My hope douses as stars die in my nebula, black holes are created drinking the river of light leaving my heart thirsty for love

As the pillars of my psychology break apart and crumble in the sands of despair; the ocean fills my lungs with despair as the helping hand moves away

I fall from the ladder of life into the inhuman darkness which eats me apart bit by bit till I am history in time…..

Thanks for reading ! Hope you liked it ! - @adityasen1

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