Locked in Lockdown
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adityasen1 I am 14
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A short description of lockdown and the pandemic…

Locked in Lockdown

Under the global pandemic going on, here I am sitting besides the window looking at the world outside like a caged bird.

The streets are deserted for most of the days but during the evenings children play and women gossip ; rejoicing my mood with all their voices.

I am not permitted to go out and play in the open ground and breathe fresh air released by lofty green trees hanging down. I have Asthama which binds me to my house as it acts as a commodity.

When I see birds chirping with delight and the leaves rustling freely, they entice me to join them.

Due to the online classes my eyes often burn and the bright flashes of screen on my face makes me a prisoner of technology.

When the pandemic started I started pursuing writing to showcase my emotions and embed myself into my characters and live their tasteful lives from all the chaos going on in the world.

These days I hate watching the news it communicates some disturbing news which kills the hope to get back to the normal world.

A few years ago I did not have the slightest idea that time would take such a toll.

The last memory I remember before the lockdown was that I hugged my friend and consoled him that he would be fine as he had failed in exam.

During the first few days I was very exuberant about spending quality time with my parents, practising my favourite hobbies and sleeping at late nights.

Unfortunately after a month I felt boredom on repeating the same tasks monotonously.

All the necessary precautions were to be strictly followed and I had to study for exams which were already canceled. I eventually became a couch potato sulking all day.

Now I feel jealous of my cousins who got vaccinated and are getting the privilege of going to school and talking with their friends.

Sometimes during online classes I literally feeling like I am a working adult as assignments pop out I feel like I am a robot with no thought process.

I had read many books like 'Seven years in Tibet ' and learnt French. Many of you have seen the use of French in the 'tale of tides'. Fitness plays an important role nowadays.

I usually ride bicycles at dawn and do Yoga to keep me fit. Many of my friends and family have embraced depression and stress who are gripping their heart in icy vice.

With all these deaths and melancholic atmosphere I feel like I am a prisoner of nature suffering for all my sinful deeds. I term this as locked in lockdown.

Those who are imprisoned in lockdown liberate yourself by thinking of good memories you spent with your family and meditate to keep our mind peaceful.

My deep condolences to those who lost their life by contracting with the virus. Here is an essay for all of you as a token of respect.

Thank you ! Hope you liked my essay …

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