Burning Moon
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adityasen1 I am 14
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My first poem on heartbreak . Hope you will like it !

Burning Moon

We are apart from each other in distant lands

Yet are hearts are left with each other beating with pain

Time has moved along covering our remains with sands

The moon shines over our relationship in vain

Our hands held together and tears dripping from our eyes

Remembering the past spent with each other

Our hearts shaken by the lies infiltrating our love

Will we be able to forgive and forget which happened in the past

The stars mourn for our laughter brightening the sky

Flowers wither in our gardens with a sigh

As the sun sets in our horizon , dark takes over our worlds

The moon is set ablaze and ashes fall from the sky

Bloody waters wash our feet and the stars fall from the space

The trees of our love our leafless and weak, ready to crumble and break

Hope glimmers like a candle in a tyrant storm, flickering without a trace

The mellifluous sounds become a cacophony to our ears

As our hearts cease to beat, memories are murdered in our brains

We take separate paths and never meet again

The last light is doused as, the tree breaks

The moon weeps with sorrow creating a river lost in time

Thanks for reading. My first poem on heartbreak .

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