Black is the New White
Black is the New White poetry stories

adityasen1 I am 14
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You will love this poem ! It took me a few hours. You will not regret this read, I promise.

Black is the New White

In the far horizon I see smoke arise from those lofty towers

As the forest burns with rage under the spectrum of sunlight

The fair policeman shoots the black man under the car

As they mock us on our dark countenance and bully is at school

On asking our book says racism is long gone

We rise and unite when they look down on us

At last we all are humans with the same thoughts

How could the society have such an evil heart

Colouring the devil black when our pupils are of the same colour

Superstitions are bound on those black cats

Afraid of the dark at night

When there is no light embrace the dark once

Appearances are deceptive so be vigilant on choice

Though , we are black our hearts are not evil

Though, we are black we have a beautiful complexion

Though , we are black we have a pure mind

We love are blackness and mingle with each other

Because at the end both the colours get a chance on the chess board

We want harmony, we want peace

As the colours keep balance in the Yin and Yang

Love us for our mind, love us for our heart

Black is never evil, it can also be light

A change in perspective will change the colours

The truth is not judged on its bitterness but of honesty

Black is the new white

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