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Contest 2 ! Comment below to participate

Asenpoetrycontest 2

Hey everyone ! After a lot of participation on my earlier contest I decided that this would be a monthly contest. Many of you could not participate last time or could not win. Here is a chance to participate and showcase your poetry skills.

Rules - 1. You should only enter one poem or free-verse. 2. CoMixes are allowed. You can use any pickup line from any famous poetry. 4. The deadline for the contest is on 30th August 2021.

5. Your post should be tagged with <<Asenpoetrycontest2>> 6. Your poem should have one of the following prompts. 7. The short timeline has been given to test how knowledgeable you are, the quality of your poem when you are in a rush and your presentation.

Kaamos (Finnish) - polar night

Onsra (Serbian) - the bittersweet feeling that love won't last

Nyctophilia -love of darkness or night ; finding relaxation or comfort in darkness.

Winner will get likes and comments with an interview and a golden comet award. (PS - It might take a while because I still got to understand this technology :( but will resolve it soon)

Second winner will get likes comments and a follow with a silver comet award. Third winner will get likes, comments and a follow with the bronze comet award. Honorable mentions will be made.

Don't forget to tag your post with <<Asenpoetrycontest2>> Due date is on 30th August 2021. Start writing poets ! Looking forward to all your posts ! :D

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