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adityasen1 I am 14
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To all the poets on commaful who are willing to take a challenge. Comment down below to participate.

ASEN Poetry Contest

Welcome to the ASEN Poetry Contest. For all those underrated and established poets looking for a challenge can join this contest

Rules - 1. You should only enter one poem or free-verse. 2. CoMixes are allowed. You can use any pickup line from any famous poetry. 4. The deadline for the contest is next Saturday/ 15thAugust at 4pm. (The reason why I have posted it today)

5. Your post should br tagged with <<Asenpoetrycontest>> 6. Your poem should have one of the following prompts. 7. The short timeline has been given to test how knowledgeable you are, the quality of your poem when you are in a rush and your presentation.

The prompts are - 1. Onism - The awareness of how little of the world you will experience.

2.Mangata (Swedish) - The glimmering road-like reflection of the moon created in the water.

3. Serendipity - an unplanned fortunate discovery

Prizes - Winner will get a golden comet. Comets are virtual awards. The winner also gets 5 likes a shoutout on their submission and a commaful dairy. A commaful diary is a post admiring your works and a chat interview.

Second winner will get 4 likes, one shoutout on their sibmission and a commaful scripture with a silver comet. Commaful scripture is a smaller post about your work.

Third winner will get 3 likes a follow and a bronze comet. Honorable mentions will be made.

Remember to add the tag. Submission is on 15thAugust, 4pm. For authors and writers a new contest will take place soon.. Start writing ! Till then bye... Results will be declared on Sunday. I will not be there this week. If you have any doubts comment on my post.

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