A writer's touch
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adityasen1 I am 14
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A writer's touch and his creations. One of my best poems, I guess till now...

A writer's touch

A writer paints his emotions into an art of imagination

He molds imagination into a masterpiece with his inky hands

Ink flows in his veins and his eyes light up with words

He attracts stars with his heavenly body

He embraces his subconscious mind

He lives in a parallel world, distant from our minds

His heart is embedded in each and every line

Passing through his characters and living their lives

Through his writing he teleports us to his universe

Secluded from all chaos and nuisance

Crafted with words and sentences

His mind is a battle of thoughts and insights

His ears quenched with thirst for new ideas

Providing readers a world of his own

Eluding tension and stress from the modern era

He captures our hearts and eyes

For he has the rarest magic and the precious pearl

With his own hands he gives a writer's touch

Thank you ! My last poem before my break ....

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