A Wounded Today
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adityasen1 I am 14
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A poem on the sad reality of the world ! Hope you will like it !

A Wounded Today

Disclaimer - This piece contains depression and melancholy.

Today all the blessings of the rich soil are a curse in disguise when they discard me from my homeland among foreigners for

not obeying to their guns and for not covering my face with the cloth of society and being imprisoned mentally

Today the tiger of education waits patiently behind the bushes of school to eat the deer of imagination drinking water from the pond of a child's mind

Today being harassed and molested by people of the society wearing the mask of anonymity and putting cuffs on

my hand and blackening my face with the paints of atrocity and disgust till I hang myself and prove them right

Today the lie is triumphant on the truth, betrayal is common in today's world as millionaires and politicians swim in an ocean of money

as every citizen pays a drop of tax for a better future for their children and wives

Today vengeance is an extremely well appreciated deed while standing by honesty and forgiveness makes you weak.

Yesterday we played in the rain leaving boats of hope into the puddles of possibility while today the rain splatters on the

window like a thousand broken mirror shards as global warming takes place

Dreams die today and future burns with the society providing logs of the past and tradition which entraps freedom. Today liberation is just impossible and destruction is possible.

Today the gun of an armed man does not shake when he keeps it on the forehead of an old woman or a newborn baby

Blood trickles down nature's face when she sees her creation has failed. Violence feeds on every heart till we all burn in rage for our own sinful deeds.

A hell is created in heaven as the humans fall fighting with each other for eating the last bite of land over the corpses of the poor.

Help us ! To bring in change and restore balance in nature. Unite and make a unanimous resolution. We say so but we don't.

Criticism and humility are interchanged as we forge the flag of death covering the eyes of justice with the satin of false promises.

Hope you liked it ! Thanks for reading.

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