A void of prudence
A void of prudence  poetry stories

adityasen1 I am 14
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I tried something new. I hope you will like this poem.

A void of prudence

Time meanders like a river cutting the gorges of life

As the spectrum of emotions fall on my pale complexion

My hands are as cold as ice embracing my fears

Promises and memories untold , haunt me like nightmares

The stench of hope as a carcass lying among the hyenas of lies

Hope has been murdered viciously as the heart ceases to beat

Nostalgic memories drip like nectar on my lips, feeding me sweet lies

Concealed in those cold dark rooms from the world invaded by the virus

Flashing my eyes on those bright screens, listening to voices

Dreaming my body sinking into soft soil and flowers growing on my body

Being at peace with nature and not burning with industries

I am a splotch of grey and black amongst daisies

As the sun and moon collide in my world with a void of confusion

Pondering whether I am right in this world of opinions

Alas I grow my crystal wings and fly like a bird in the vast sky

Discovering my true self and tearing off the false strip of definition

Thanks for reading! Hope you liked it

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