A visit from Mom
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A young girl Mary struggles in the real world trying to keep the burden of a family secret to herself. She finally finds peace when one of her beloved ones reveals the real truth. Please do read this story. Thank you !

A visit from Mom

Author - Aditya Sen

The leaves rustled as the moon shone upon the path. Mary was walking down Denver Street. Mark promised Mary that he would pick her up at Denver street.

Mary followed her father's instructions and strolled towards the allotted destination. Thick foliage covered her surroundings and tall coniferous stood staring at her.

The wind howled through the trees while she walked.

There was a sudden decrease in temperature resulting in a white steam gushing out from her mouth. She rubbed her hands in order to gain heat.

The distant whining of wolves from the forest could be heard. Not a single vehicle passed by.

The moonlight radiated in the sky revealing many bats which flew across while some hung down from the branches of the tree. The whole street was lonely and lifeless.

The street lights flickered. A mysterious fog crept in and hid all. A dark grey cloud approached the moon. Faint whispers were heard by Mary.

Mary had no words for explaining the paranormal phenomenon and considered it as her hallucination. Deep below she knew the answers to all the questions but was not ready to trust her instinct.

"Is it her?" she asked herself. She took out a crumpled piece of paper which had an image of a woman patting a reindeer.

The woman was tall and fair. She had blond hair and wore a golden pendant around her neck. She was wearing a red wool sweater with blue denim jeans. A big smile covered her face.

Unknowingly Mary stepped into the mist and tripped over. On falling down a hand appeared in front of her. She lent her hand and was pulled up.

Mary was taken back, her pupils dilated, her lips parted vaguely. The woman who stood before her was none other than her mother.

Her inner self broke up into fragments. Tears flushed out of her eyes making an ocean. Her eyes reddened and the sight pierced through her heart as a pin.

"Mary do you recognize me?" questioned Mirielle. "Mother is that you !" exclaimed Mary with joy. Mireille nodded gently.

She said softly "Mary my dear it wasn't your fault, you were learning and a human always makes an error ".

Mary remembered that seven years ago when she was learning to drive with her mother during halfway the tyre got punctured. The car tossed and turned and fell into a pit.

Mary survived the crash but Mireille passed away. This incident occurred in Denver street. It was a melancholic demise.

Mary had blamed herself for this unfortunate catastrophe and took the burden on herself for seven years. Today the apparition of her mother freed her from the pain she carried within her.

Slowly the rays of moonlight penetrated through the cloud. Mireille looked hesitant and said to Mary that it was time for her to leave. The mist started disappearing.

Mary felt a sigh of relief and was content to see her mother one last time.

Instantly there was a noise of trotting. Mary bent down and saw above a reindeer. It was no ordinary reindeer it belonged to her mother.

The following day after being picked up by her father Mary discovered her mother's pendant hanging over her neck. On finding a photo of her whole family inside the pendant Mary was delighted.

The trees at Denver street shook freely, birds chirped and flowers bloomed, cars ran across the street. The street grew lively as if a big task had been completed.


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