To Backfire the Arsonist
To Backfire the Arsonist stories

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When disrespect must be paid with disrespect.

To Backfire the Arsonist

Once, you care about me and what I do.

You respected everybody, including me.

We talked, laughed, and had fun time most of the time.

While those times still lurk around me, my heart is calm and in peace.

But now, you start to disappear, hiding your thoughts from me.

I was like "Wasn't like before"...

You try to abandon me, and then do the worst thing that I never appreciate; 'Disrespect'.

You start to be sentimental towards me.

My heart is burning, as if you have just burned it.

You're the arsonist of my heart, who have stung my life to the last bits of ashes.

I feel the disrespect burning me, and I can't do anything besides from staying away.

But I'm strong...

I don't want to give up, and you must receive the agony I've suffered.

I will pay disrespect with disrespect.

You, the arsonist of my heart, shall not ruin my life again.

Else, I will backfire everything that you have thrown on me.

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