That Boy Who Hates Mathematics
That Boy Who Hates Mathematics stories

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Tells about a boy who hates mathematics so much, that he has his own ways of solving problems.

And no, this is not based on real life, though.

That Boy Who Hates Mathematics

After graduating from Junior High School, I moved to Senior High School. Ah, it was a real enjoyable day.

I met a lot of new people. Some people were already familiar, but most are like strangers to me.

When I got into my class, I quickly introduced myself to everybody in the class.

With that attitude, people describe as energetic and caring.

And then, the teacher came, and gave a bit of introduction. Yeah, and our major was mostly filled with Maths.

I sat with a boy, who was quite anxious. I don't know what happened with him.

Our teacher gave us some basic mathematic operations. We know them already, but maybe he wanted to remind us. I could understand.

Then I checked this guy beside me. He seems to ignore most of the explanations, and try to adapt with the easy ones.

I checked on him... "Hey man, why are you off the lesson?"

He said to me... "Oh, nothing, just a bit in trouble..."

And then I said... "Well, perhaps I could help you. What's your problem anyway?"

He said to me with a bit of boasting... "Nah man, I'm fine. I can handle this myself, don't worry"

I seemed to worry about his "boasting", I would call it that way. His gestures prove that he couldn't do anything.

The teacher said to us all... "Tomorrow, I will try to test your basic intelligence in Maths. Study hard to get a good score!"

And yeah, I heard that. Just as I expected, my seatmate is shocked. I heard him talking to himself... "Damnit, what should I do?"

Well, I left the circumstances to him. I went back home to call it a day.

The next day, I went to class. And... just wow, my seatmate came earlier than me. Well, he came early on purpose, to study. I was like "Oh, the irony..."

I approached him, he seemed so focused and serious. "Hey, what are--"

Just before I could say anything, he cut my words... "Oh! Damn, you shook me! Don't you see I'm serious here, trying to figure out the answer?!

He was angry, but I tried to pacify him... "Calm down, I only want to offer assistance. What have you done so far?"

He gave me his notebook, and I saw... a mess. At first glance, I was amazed. He did like 7 lines, and I thought it was really his effort, but...

When I saw the question, I was like "Oh, you got to be kidding me..." he took 7 lines just to answer "7 x 9 = ...".

I wanted to laugh, but I tried to hold it. It was hard, as I wanted to prevent his disappointment towards his own work. Well, I kept it to him.

Moment of truth, the teacher came. My classmates and I quickly returned to their seats. Me and my seatmate sat in the second row.

The teacher said, well... just what he said yesterday. He wanted to test us. My seatmate was trying to be calm. I know, his heart was like "Put out the fire, damnit!"

The teacher called the name of a boy in front of me. He was asked to do some basic math equation. As I said, "Just to remind".

He was asked to do a "5 x 7 = ...". It didn't take a minute to answer that simple question. Just a couple of "7 + 7 + 7 + 7 + 7"

In surprise, my seatmate's name was called. He was so shocked right after that.

Then, the teacher said... "Okay, so you will be doing... "7 x 9 = ..., write it in the board!".

When he heard that, he was so happy, he jumped around a bit and started to be a bit boastful. I got reminded of that 7-lined work of his. Ah, damn, what could happen?

Then, he started to move to the board like he was enjoying his life with a girlfriend. He took the marker, and started writing. I'm too afraid to see what would happen.

The teacher and my classmates awaited for 5 minutes and he hadn't done yet. Everybody was like "What is he doing?"

After an extra 3 minutes, he finished his work. Ah, I couldn't feel how relieved I am after the wait. He turns around...

And, he saw everybody facepalming, except me. The teacher was like "Okay, so the world just reversed. Simple becomes complex or vice versa..."

Yeah, and as I predicted, he actually implemented his 7-line work, and everybody's laughing.

The teacher revised his work, and then gave a comment... "This is the result. You don't study enough to answer the question. So, you must study hard from now on"

He agreed and then returned to his seat. He got motivated of course, because of his hilarious work.

From now on, he is very studious in Mathematics. He's starting to like it, and it feels easier as never before.

And... it also reversed now. He needed my help in the beginning, but now I need his help.

I'm so happy to see him so happy like this...

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