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This is an example of my day, and yes, I'm really active.

No Rest

Wakes up, the sun hasn't risen.

There's only one sentence coming to my head, "Get up already, or you'll be late to school!"

When the sun has risen, I prepared everything, and I have to take a bottle of water.

I did those, and starts to experience my 8 minutes of bike riding to school.

In school, I guess I was too early. Nobody comes yet, but it's worth.

The bell rings in about 7.05 AM and most of my friends just came in 6.55 AM. Wasn't like before.

We did our prayer. Not long, but a prayer is a prayer.

The school principal gives us a lot of up-to-date news about this and that. I always try to listen although there are too many people that are busy with their own businesses.

I head back to class, with all my friends. I'm eager to see what we will come up with. Maybe Biology, or English, or even Maths.

The first one? History. We're asked to make some kind of group to present something with our group.

We are only asked to read. What we did was talking about experiences that happened in the past. Though, I didn't do it too much.

When History ends, I rested for a little bit. My friends are just doing their hocus pocus that I don't know what it is.

Next up, comes Geography. I would sometimes call it "Fun", yet at other times, I would call it "Deadly". So detailed, that it's even hard to absorb every single information on a book.

That's why it's deadly. But, presentations and Microsoft PowerPoint things, that's why it's fun.

When it ends, I was like "Damn, resting time". I moved to the canteen to buy myself some snack. My friends also do the same thing. Why? It's break time.

The next one's going to come up, but it seems that it's empty. The teacher doesn't come. I was like "What?"

When my friends play around while the teacher's not coming, I feel really bored. It was like a "No fun experience".

Then, we just got an announcement. We got home early, because the teachers are going on a meeting. I was like "Whew, I feel better despite the boredom"

I returned home with my bike, but this time it only takes like 3 minutes. It's like a descending slope.

Back home, I would do my reverse of all preparations. If I would put on my clothes, this time I would take off my clothes.

I start to do all my activities. It's usually in front of the computer. I would finish an assignment if there's one. But, I focus on personal things.

I have a lot of busyness. Not always in front of the computer, but also tomorrow assignments, the day after tomorrow assignments, and they seem to take away my time for resting.

I keep going, and it was really tough. I've done most of my assignments, prioritizing works that will come on the closest day. It's already close to evening.

I took a bit of rest, chatting with my family, and then do the rest of the things (besides the assignments) that I haven't done yet.

I feel tired, though I continue finishing all my assignments. There's nothing I can do to rest if a lot of assignments block it like this...

And... It's already 8.00 PM. Ah, and I've done all my assignments. I was like "Whew, what a hard work..." and I'm still active on the computer.

I don't use social media a lot, and I only use it if people really need my help, and that's only occasional.

I continue on my personal creativities until 9.30 PM. What I did... less from what I hoped it to be. It's always really hard to catch ideas. Yet, I'm so tired.

And then, it's time to go to sleep. Waiting for tomorrow. That's all about my day.

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