I tried writing a fanfic hehe
I tried writing a fanfic hehe bakugo x todoroki stories

aditianimefreak Yoo I'm back hehe~
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I tried writing a fanfic hehe

OK this ones all about todoroki and Bakugo yay! so fasten ur seat belts

It was late at night and Mr aizawa had just let them go from training todoroki was exhausted but Bakugo being Bakugo was mad at izuku for doing better than him "Cute" todoroki thought As they headed for their dorms Everyone parted and todoroki Headed to his room

As he flopped onto his bed he heard a voice through the walls Of his room He quickly recognized the voice it was Bakugo cursing and taking his anger out They were dorm mates! How did he never realize that

(BTW this is only for the fanfic they are not dorm mates) Usually todoroki never played attention to what was going on when he was in his room So this was a surprise He quickly regained focus and tried to fall asleep

Todoroki was deep in sleep when someone banged on the door He woke up alarmed "A villain?" He thought But since he hadn't locked the door it swung open revealing a half asleep demon? No it was Bakugo he was murmuring under his breath "Die deku"

Todoroki was shocked And fell on His bed Bakugo too half asleep Fell on todoroki He blushed And tried to move Bakugo to the other side then Thought of sleeping on the floor he took one look at the dirty floor he hadn't cleaned And decided to sleep on the bed

It was around 5 I'm the morning when todoroki woke up seeing bakugos arms hugging his waist He turned to the other side and hugged him back

Extra: When Bakugo woke up he didnt know where he was it was clearly not his room He remembered sleeping in his own room Then he noticed a (very cute) Todoroki smiling in his sleep next to him

He fell of the bed in shock Had he spent the night sleeping next to his crush?! Todoroki woke up to the sound and asked him "you hungry?"

Thx for reading! I would really appreciate if u would comment and tell me how it turned out This my first time writing a fanfic oh and make sure to check out @rainbowslushie 's Fanfics too

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