Why I write
Why I write stories

aditeeadhikari I'm the one who imagine
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Just a short description to analyse myself, why do I actually write?

Why I write

by aditeeadhikari

I opened my profile after many days, to find myself immersed in the sea of happiness as I found my notification filled with people following me. They are reading my work.

I felt a sudden sense of responsibility. My brain asked me, "Why do you write?" Yes, why do I write?

I write, because a blank page calls me to fill with beautiful lines, I write because the ink wants to fall upon it to become eternal. Why eternal?

It's because literature never dies! It pass on and on... Therefore I write, to pass a thought, a thought that would change humans, just a little, a little to increase 'humanity' within them!

I write, also to know myself. It appears as if the words printing is my mirror image. Because I write what I feel within.

As I write, I know myself better. I write, not only from my brain, not only from heart but also from soul.

I also write because pen is my only sword. A sword with sharpest point. As a sharp sword wins many battles so is mine.

It wins the battle of love over quarrels. It wins the battle of learning over empty minds. It wins the battle of introspection over despair.

I write to inspire, I write to motivate, I write to self analyse and sometimes write just for myself.

I want to write more, To write for my fellow humans, It's accomplishment to have readers, the people who helps me to win all those battles I mentioned. And we will win them all ,

To create a better world. I will learn and write, and write and write. And I will not stop!

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