Where we go wrong...
Where we go wrong... stories

aditeeadhikari I'm the one who imagine
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What I realise today from a simple day to day task.

Where we go wrong...

by aditeeadhikari

I thought of solving some quantitative reasoning problems today. So I opened my competition exams book. Okay,first question - find the area of the triangle.

I solved the problem with opened mind and got the answer. Yipee!! Wait ,no options are matching!! Where I went wrong?

I scrutinized my solution again ,this time I went step by step. No,I didn't find any fault ,is book answer wrong?

So I asked my cousin. And she found it. Oh! I was care less while writing down the formula! I missed a element while writing down the formula.

So,what I concluded? Yes, when we do not get what we want ,why does it happen? Inspite of doing hard work ,we do not get proper result.

First we blame others. Like I blamed the book itself. We need to change this. We need to stop pointing others for our failures.

Second ,we become careless while putting formulas. We do our work casually ,thinking we will work hard and get the success. Is hard work only element to reach success ?No!

Planning needs to be done. Smart work should be done. Again, we should pay attention towards the small mistakes we make , and work upon it .

Because "small mistakes are hidden like treasure down the earth, when it's dig out ,we get in our mind what's to be done next in order to step on the stair of the success."

Third and last , we should never hesitate to listen criticism ! Yes we hate it. But get back to the story.

Haven't I asked my cousin where I went wrong, would I have seen my solution from different view? Perhaps not! One needs a guidance and critics..listen to them carefully,and improve yourself

In your own style. Be the rising sun. And step other step to reach your goal. Have a great day!!

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