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A poem in search of soulmate

By: Me

The one

by Aditee Adhikari

Not the one who hold my hand

But one who'll calm me down with words,

Not the one who shows the fantasy,

But the one who'll bring me out

To show the real world.

The pleasant Jouska will come true

Together we'll hit the road,

To the journey of joy we'll fly,

That'll end the solitude.

The one I'll explore the world with

The one with whom I'll be me.

Unpretending and real,

To be in love and friendship!

But sitting and waiting is not that place,

I'll come across him on my way,

Because true love is not a fairytale.

It comes when you meet them with yours and theirs true face.

That will be the day, when I'll smile

And look into your eyes,

And think what made me to look at you ,

Like a drunkard see a wine.

And I'll say.. yes he's the one

Yes it's you!!

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