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What's being in Solitude?


by aditeeadhikari

Being in solitude made me realise , Of enjoying the happiest hours. Creating a world where I rule Making deserted sea and flying car!

Where perfection lies and the world is fine. No wars, and peace is defined. Where I can imagine fantasies, Wizards, dwarfs and fairies.

Where I dream lucid. Where I count stars. Making snowman in Pluto, And lay on the bed of beautiful flowers.

Talking to people I never met. Visiting places I have never seen. Achieving everything that is far to reach, And erasing the fine line between dead and living.

And these things happening just inside my mind, Imagination on its zenith! Just when there's solitude, And I all alone reading my mind.

But getting cut off from the real world, Without any effort to make it one, Like one built in the dreams, A lesson today I learnt.

That solitude allows me to think big, But reality gives a chance to feel it, My actions could shape this world, My thoughts can touch hearts by all means.

Life is to turn imagination into reality, To bring hopes and fulfilling the dreams. Solitude will give golden opportunities to imagine and introspect. But real world is the platform to live.

To share thoughts, To invent and discover. To rise the group of social animals, And bring join the pearls of humanity , In single string of unity and work.

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